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School Vouchers & Choice Charitable Trust SGO

School Vouchers & Choice Charitable Trust SGO

Here is a report on school vouchers and Choice Charitable Trust SGO's, to make you aware of the number of families who have been able to utilize them here at St. Pius.  Rules, procedures, and qualifying criteria change every year so that they can keep us on our toes, but we are thrilled that the number of families benefiting from these programs has increased in the three years that the state's voucher program and Choice Charitable Trust's program have been available.

The application period for the state's school vouchers for this school year ended on September 1. However, it's still possible to enroll in the Choice Charitable Trust SGO (Scholarship Granting Organization) program if you qualify.  We recommend that you look at the qualifying income information here, since your family may be missing out on something for which you can still apply. The amount that is awarded to qualifying families is $500.  Once you have had an SGO for one year, it's possible that you will qualify for a state voucher the following year (again depending on the ability to meet the state requirements for income, which are not the same as those for the SGO).  The SGO's are funded through donations from friends of St. Pius Parish and School, and for that we are grateful.

2011 - 2012
1 student received an Indiana voucher;    non-parishioner ($2,766.58)
9 students received SGO awards;             8 parishioners 1 non-parishioner ($4,308.58)
2012 - 2013
9 students received Indiana vouchers;     all parishioners ($26,650.31)
6 students received SGO awards;             all parishioners ($3000)
2013 - 2014

22 students received Indiana vouchers;    20 parishioners, 2 non-parishioners ($69,607.30)
19 students received SGO awards;            all parishioners ($9,500)

2014 - 2015

46 students received Indiana vouchers:   41 parishioners, 5 non-parishioners ($142,906.08)

Be sure to take a look at the link to the SGO qualification requirements to see if your income qualifies you for a tax credit scholarship or, if you had a TCS this year, you may qualify for a voucher from the state for 2015-2016. The chart should tell you. If you qualify, we just need your 2014 tax form (1040) that indicates the number of people in your household and your adjusted gross income. If your income falls in one of the first 2 (from left to right) boxes on the chart, a voucher could be in your child's future. If it falls in the 3rd box on the right, (s)he is eligible for a TCS, or if the requirements mentioned above the box are met, (s)he could be eligible for a voucher. Let us know if you have any questions.